Friday, November 13, 2020

LUX Center for the Arts GIFTED sale

 Amazing art sale going on in Nebraska

support unique art and an excellent art space!

these pieces and more
variety of sizes, all pieces are framed

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  1. Christy I hope you see this! Can't find your phone number. I will be flying to phoenix next week to bring back at least 1 cat. My mother has died and I will be buying a house in AZ as soon as the estate is settled and funds available. I wanted to let you know cause I hated leaving them and hope they're okay, would love to hear from you about them. I always intended to gather them up again but course could not predict the future. You can text 602-332-2660. Send your number pls if you want me to call you when I am there. I am so pleased to be in a different position financially than I was. For the sake of the cats,you know me, I am all about the cats!