Sunday, July 18, 2021

Myth, Legend and Lore

 The Phoenix Airport Museum exhibition -

Myth, Legend and Lore  is now open in Terminal 3 at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

for more information, please link to the exhibition on Sky Harbor’s website:

Terminal 3 Museum Exhibitions (

Myth, Legend and Lore is on view in both Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 galleries:

  • Post-security, level 4, gallery
  • Pre-security, level 4, west end near Sky Train bridge
  • and Terminal 3 


For thousands of years, humans have brought creatures to life through traditional stories, songs, poems and artworks. Real and fantastic beasts have captured our imagination since the beginning of time. These include dragons, unicorns and animal tricksters, which have been used to illustrate everything from ancient beliefs and fables to modern-day movies and even advertising. 

This exhibition presents paintings, sculptures and prints by eight artists who take their inspiration from the natural and supernatural world. Some of them have reimagined elements from their own cultural background while others have taken an anthropomorphic approach by putting animals in a human situation to tell a personal story. Two of the artists have crafted works from fiber-art materials to illustrate ancient writings or to conjure up creatures never seen before.

Cultural stories are preserved and progressed by artists who retell them through their artwork. Whether colorful, surreal or ethereal, this exhibition is sure to impart a sense of wonder in the viewer. Enter this imaginative world and explore the art of Myth, Legend and Lore.

my piece Blanchette was included in Terminal 3, many other pieces I have created are featured in the Terminal 4 spaces. 

stop by if you are flying into or out of Phoenix!

Participating Artists include:
Marco Albarran                     Esao Andrews           Paul Coze                 Carol Eckert
Luis Jimenez              Anthony Pessler              Christy Puetz            Kazuma Sambe
Baje Whitethorne                           Mary Wilhelm                  Yuko Yabuki

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The bear is sprouting

haven't named this life sized bear yet, covered in beads and wool.  
Preparing for summer/fall 2021 art exhibits!


Space biscuit and boogie monster

see more updated art on my Instagram  =    @girlxty 

Inspired by a Japanese Boogie Monster myth.  Sloth beanie baby just for photo.

Art flash backs

Taking a step back in my collection to re-appreciate a few pieces of art
Chelle is an octopus girl
cloth, glass bead embroidery, Czech glass, thread, mixed media
detail image