Saturday, March 30, 2013

Quagga Project Spring Equinox

It is hard for a lot of us to put the environmental and systems impact of the quagga and zebra mussel into perspective.  Some of the most impressive and shocking examples of the mussels impact and mass quantity has been seen on boat motors, clogged water system pipes, and fisheries around the country.  This mussel has been spotted in various bodies of water in the state of Arizona.  

There is no other way to put it...these little creatures are a huge problem, the trickle down effect of their presence affects us all whether we realize it or not.

Working in conjunction with SRP(Salt River Project) and Scottsdale Public Art I developed an interactive community participation project that I believe has helped bring more awareness of the quagga shell, incited curiosity, and created a lasting visual impact piece that children and adults were proud to participate in. 

 the basic concept of the Quagga House  was:  
“if this was in your own house, would you do things differently 
when you use our lakes and waterways?”

Participants were be able to add shells throughout the day through the chimney opening.  The interactive Quagga House element went along with an art making activity.   

Special thanks to Scottsdale Public Art and SRP! 

quagga shells from Lake Mead

close up view of items placed in the quagga house