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Family workshops @ the Shemer

Family Workshop Series
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Cultural Arts Activities/Projects & SAC Snack
Learning about other cultures is important, especially for young children. Exploring cultural traditions and development helps children think critically and become open-minded and curious. It may be difficult for them to visualize how other cultures work so reinforce lessons about foreign traditions with art projects from around the world. Not only does this help children better appreciate other cultures, it encourages their curiosity and creativity. Experience this art trek around the world with your child, grandchlld, nephew or niece and experience cultural traditions!

Just $200 for all 6 exciting workshops!   
or $35 for individual classes
Highlight Mexico
Tree of Life

Discuss how the Tree of Life is significant in the Mexican/Latin American cultures and to all of us (the universal connection and uses), shapes, symbolism of fruits/flowers/ people and other objects depicted in traditional Tree of Life sculptures of Mexico. Participants will construct a tree out of felt and glue it onto a cloth banner. Layers of shapes will be cut out of felt to represent added to create more dimension to the pieces. Pipe cleaners can also be woven into the banner or springing up from the top to create a more 3-D effect. They will be ready to hang on the wall
Class # CHP-3
Thurs., 5-7pm, 9/19
1 Session

Highlight Japan
Kokeshi & Samuri Figure

The Kokeshi is a traditional figure, originally made in northern Japan. They are painted in bright floral designs, kimonos, and other traditional patterns. The Samuri has long been a symbol of the warrior, a honorable and trustworthy figure. This workshop will explore the history and traditions surrounding the Hinamatsuri (girl’s day or doll festival) and Kodomo No Hi (children’s day)/Tangu No Sekku (boy’s day) in Japan. Each participant will design their own version of a Samurai or Kokeshi figure.
Class # CHP-4
Tues., 4-6pm, 9/25
1 Session

Highlight Africa

Memory Jars
Based in African and the southern United States, Memory Jars are a way to remember loved ones, document family histories and honor cultural traditions. The jars are traditionally covered with everyday obje cts like keys and shells, varying by the individual maker. We will create our own one-of-a-kind dimensional scrapbook, covered with colorful papers, beads, buttons, and fun objects. The inside may hold photos, a handwritten story, or note to a special loved one. You might want to bring a couple of special personal items to add to your jar.
Class # CHP-5
Tues., 4-6pm, 10/2
1 Session

Highight Africa
Masks of Mystery

Masks are used around the world to help humans transform their identity, celebrate special occasions and dress up. Wearing a mask can temporarily turn you into a super hero, royalty, monster or animal. Whether fancy or simple the mask you create will help you to transform into someone or something else, maybe an alien?
Class # CHP-6
Wed., 4-6pm, 10/10
1 Session

Highlight China
Chinese Zodiac Tapestry

Chinese Zodiac Animals hold incredible power to cultures around the world. Depending on your birth date, everyone has a particular animal that is thought to bring you anything from good luck, wealth or even love. Use a Zodiac calendar to find the animal that hides inside of you. Participants will design a small textile using their animal as the focus, embellishing it with ribbons, fabrics and colorful beads.
Class # CHP-8
Tues., 4-6pm, 10/23
1 Session

Highlight Middle East
Jingling necklaces of the Middle East/Saudi Arabia

A Bedouin woman’s jewelry is a true treasure filled with sounds and symbols of protection and status. With their nomadic lifestyle, the woman’s jewelry is thought of as a walking bank account that women could use as currency in local markets. Participants will create a musical necklace with bells, glass and metal beads
Class # CHP-7
Tues., 4-6pm, 10/17
1 Session

Art and Animals!                 Winter Family Series
Just $200 for all 6 exciting workshops!  or $35 per session

Arizona Birds
Create birds nest using a variety of materials then create small colorful clay birds to live in the nest (baby birds and eggs are welcome too!). We will also talk about desert animals and general animal symbolism. Each participant will receive a special “totem” animal bead to use on their desert necklaces.
Class # CHP-9
Thurs., 4-6pm, 11/8
1 Session

Stackable Animals
We will explore animal symbolism from cultures around the world including, Africa, Japan, the Arctic and North America. Decide what your favorite animals are then shape them out of clay. Once the finishing touches are made, they will be stacked on a dowel to look like a traditional totem pole.
Class # CHP-10
Tues., 4-6pm, 11/13
1 Session
Cost: $35

Critters of the World Sculptures
Do you like tigers, penguins or bears? Where do they live? Animals have adapted to living in different environments around the world, anything from freezing cold to a burning desert or even a tropical jungle. This workshop, will help you to construct your favorite animals out of clay then create a little “living space” for your new friends out of paper, fabric and other materials
Class # CHP-11
Tues., 4-6pm, 11/20
1 Session
Cost: $35

Tiny Mighty Spirits
Dolls or figure have been used in many cultures and tribes throughout history for role-playing, storytelling or as symbols of self. Do you ever wish you could fly or have a super-human power? What would it be? We will explore figures used in world cultures while creating your own embellished figure that will tell your personal story.
Class # CHP-12
Thurs., 4-6pm, 12/4
1 Session
Cost: $35

Storytelling Quilts
Quilts can keep you warm at night or tell stories about an entire family’s history. We will design and embellish a miniature quilt that will tell a story about you, your interests or family. Use fabric, beads, ribbons and found objects to get started, bring some personal photos or fabric to make it unique to you.
Class # CHP-13
Sat., 10am-12pm, 12/1
1 Session
Cost: $35

Creative Creatures
Use basic embroidery stitches to create doodles, flowers, colorful squiggles, and other fun designs on a little cloth puppy form. Add colorful buttons, sequins or beads to create a chunky texture. Your finished puppy may look realistic, fantasy-inspired, or maybe a mixture of both.
Class # CHP-14
Thurs., 1-3pm, 12/13
1 Session
Cost: $35

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