Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cuca and Chownki Daar

is inspired by a Brazilian monster. Cuca is a humanoid that walks and talks. It will come for children if they do not go to sleep. pins, sequins, cloth, beaver taxidermy form, glass beads, Indonesian silk pods, silamide thread, and abalone shell.

Why am I interested in these boogie monsters?
Through research, I have found that the boogie monster myth is universal. There is no specific "look" to this monster, it changes by culture and location. Each individual child's imagination fuels the fear of the monster. One thing is consistent, the boogie monster is not something you want as a visitor to your home.
I am interested in Fear. It is universal and natural feeling that can be used to control, persuade, paralyze, and inspire (etc. etc. etc.).

Chownki Daar origin of myth: North India Myth of a night shift security guard who takes children who refuse to go to sleep. cloth, handmade felt, buttons, raccoon taxidermy form, silamide thread


A boogie monster myth from Iceland. Monster is a female troll who would take misbehaving children and eat them. handmade felt, ceramic animal form, glass beads, sea urchin spines, silamide thread

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