Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Take a workshop!

I am working with the Shemer Art Center and Museum September-December offering fiber art and jewelry workshops for adults and youth.
Check out the options:

 Shemer’s Fall Workshops with Christy Puetz
Adult class schedule
Self Portrait Shrine
Participants will use cloth, images, and a variety of mixed-media materials to collage a three-dimensional personal story or mini shrine. Your theme may include honoring yourself, family, travel, personal interests, or pets. Bring your own photos to make your project more personal and fun. All other supplies & materials provided.
Class # CHP-15
Wed., 1-4pm | 9/19
1 Session | $65

Fantastic Figures
Create a mixed-media self portrait figure using a variety of materials and techniques including painting, bead embellishment, and embroider. This project will inspire and show your unique personality or alternate self. All supplies & materials provided.
Class # CHP-16
Wed., 1-4pm | 9/26
1 Session | $65

Stitched Images
Participants will experiment with embroidery stitching on photography to enhance or alter the original image. Add a little color to a vintage school photo by adding mustaches or rainbow hair; add a colorful bird to a tree; give a muscle builder a tutu, the possibilities are endless. Traditional or outrageous styles are welcome. Bring your own photos or choose from a variety provided. All supplies & materials provided.
Class # CHP-17
Wed., 1-4pm | 10/10
1 Session | $65

Creative Creatures
Use basic embroidery stitches to create doodles, flowers, colorful squiggles, and other fun designs on a little cloth puppy form. Add colorful buttons, sequins or beads to create a chunky texture. Your finished puppy may look realistic, fantasy-inspired, or maybe a mix of both. All supplies & materials provided.
Class # CHP-18
Tues., 1-4pm | 10/17
1 Session | $65

Sea Life Banner
Inspired by the sparkling sequin covered Celebration Flags of Haiti, participants will work with imagery from mermaid myths and underwater sea life in this workshop and will use sequins, images, buttons, and other materials to create a colorful cloth banner. Your dazzling tactile banner will become a great way to remember a beach vacation, fishing trip, or express a mythical story. All supplies & materials provided.
Class # CHP-19
Wed., 1-4pm | 10/24
1 Session | $65

Spirit Box/ Ofrenda
In early November ancestors and loved ones are honored during the Dia de los Muertos Celebracion in Mexico, in which an Ofrenda or shrine is constructed. Participants will embellish and design their own mini wooden version of an Ofrenda or Spirit box as a way to recognize important people and events in their life. All supplies & materials provided.
Class # CHP-16
Wed., 6:30-8pm | 10/31
1 Session | $65

Meditation Strand & Bracelet
Learn basic-jewelry design elements, color and bead symbolism before creating a beautiful beaded bracelet. Participants will also create a symbolic bead strand to help create focus in your life, create calm, or inspire you to be brave. The strand is designed to carry with you or hang on the wall.
Supplies & materials provided.
Class# CHP-2
Tues., 6:30-8pm | 10/23
1 session | $65

Treasure Necklaces
Learn basic jewely-making design elements, techniques, and color symbolism before creating your own stylish necklaces. Participants will choose from a huge selection of bead colors, sizes, and materials from around the world. Supplies & materials provided. 

Class# CHP-1
Tues., 6:30-8:30pm | 9/25
1 session | $65 

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